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The element of air is what gives you a higher sense of freedom and light-heartedness. Air is free flowing, changing its directions frequently. Similarly, you want to set free. You act with forethought, come up with solutions benefic to the whole humankind. You are driven by optimism and determination. However, indifference to the personal sphere is your biggest weakness.

You sometimes end up ignoring personal needs and relationships, which makes things difficult for you on the domestic front. Aquarius Boss will be curious to know all about you, but would rarely judge you on the basis of your personal life and past. He won't i Aquarius loves to socialize and extend their friend circle.

They are cool, chirpy, and life of any party.

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But underneath that funny and Aquarius man in love is anything but conventional, traditional and predictable. He changes, evolves and expands very fast.

What is Aquarius sign?

A relationshi Aquarius woman is spontaneous, energetic and even unpredictable at times. Love and relationships in her life remain in a rather elusive, Aquarius are unconventional people with liberal ideas. Thus an Aquarius can never stop giving surprises and coming up with innovative t Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius governs body parts including ankles, calves and arteries of particularly legs.

Arthritis is a common complain Aquarius hate being denied freedom, to act, to choose, or to explore. Your river of ideas has to flow freely in order for you to function New year continues to bring love, peace, good health and success in your life An indepth study of your birth chart will predict your future in great detail. This will not just give you peace of mind by removing the Your urgent questions are answered on a priority by our Vedic Experts.

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    But wait, Aquarius – there’s more you need to know

    The planets will make you bolder than ever. You're aware that fortune favors the brave!


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    Tomorrow's horoscope forecast for the zodiac sign Aquarius. Get your Mood, Love, Career and Wellness horoscopes for tomorrow. In Relationship You couldn't be happier right now.

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